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Annual Gardening Timetable
for the Home garden

Garden tasks for January and February

Start by tidying up your rose bushes for their autumn flowering season.

Using either 2.3.2 or 3.1.5 fertilizers top dress all the shrubs in your garden.

Its very hot at this time of the year so feed your entire garden with compost. This mulching will help to keep the ground moist during the day.

Feed all autumn flowering plants now.

Water your garden daily in the morning and the evening.

When lawns need mowing do not cut them too short and after mowing feed them with LAN.

Cleanup the garden by pruning all the shrubs and trees.

Chores for March and April

This month its time to start preparing your garden for Spring

Plant all the bulbs that you want to flower in spring.

Sow seeds and plant annual plants for spring flowering

Before planting your seeds it is necessary to prepare your beds
with compost, superphosphates and bone meal.

Have a vegetable and flower garden, sow your vegetable and flower seeds.

Summer is drawing to a close and your lawn needs to be fed
before winter arrives.

Planning to plant new roses vines, and fruit trees?
Prepare the holes where you intend to plant them with mature manure, superphosphates and bone meal.

Have you been wanting take cuttings of your favourite roses and and shrubs. Now is the time to do it. Dip all cuttings in Seradix rooting hormone powder before planting them in pots.

Duties for May and June

Start your forward planning for changes you want to make in your garden. Decide which trees need to be moved to new positions and make a list of new shade trees you want to plant in December/ January.

Its time to prune those precious rose bushes and fruit trees for the new season.
Spray the trees and roses with lime sulphur once you have completed pruning.

All bulbs should be fed with liquid fertiliser.

Hard graft for July and August

Prune shape and cut back all trees and shrubs as flowers only grow on new shoots.

Feed your entire garden with compost to ensure that you will have a good flower display in summer.

Move all the shrubs and roses that you marked last month to their new positions.

Plant all your new roses shrubs and trees.

Prepare your lawn for the new season by scarifying it and then applying a lawn dressing and also feeding it with a 2.3.4 fertiliser.

Cover all your beds with bark to guard against loss of water.

Keep up the hard work for September and October

Start preparing your garden for spring by planting your summer annuals now.

Feed shrubs with 2.3.2
Feed flowering plants with 3.1.5
Feed lawns with 7.1.3

Prevent water evaporation by planting your ground covers now.

Mulch garden with bark or compost to prevent evaporation.

Plant summer seedlings.

It's nearly Christmas so don't slack off for
November and December

Mulch garden with compost.

Plant hydrangeas now

Feed beds with 3.1.5 slow release fertiliser

Feed lawn with 3.2.1 slow release fertiliser

Sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful garden.
You deserve it.

Happy gardening.

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Garden Timetable

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