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How to plant and care for your roses


Methods for planting roses

Soil Preparation.

Prepare your soil by digging a hole about 40cm across and 40cm deep. Take the soil that has been removed from the hole and add 10 litres of milled bark, well rotted compost and potting mixture. To the above add a tablespoon of superphosphate or bonemeal If your soil is very sandy add some clay to the mixture and mix all of the ingredients together. Return the mixture to the hole you have dug.



Dig a hole in the soil mixture set out above that is large enough to accommodate the plastic bag your rose is growing in. Remove the plastic bag without disturbing the soil and place the rose bush in the hole and fill in around the plant. Water thoroughly so that soil will settle.

Caring for your roses.

For roses which are being planted in summer watering should be done daily for the next seven days This will ensure that the roots grow and spread into the surrounding soil. In windy areas rose plants should be staked to keep them from being damaged by the wind.

To keep your roses blooming and healthy there are a number of chores that need to be undertaken. Roses should be sprayed with a basic spray cocktail every 10-14 days to keep them healthy and pest free.

If you notice worms or eggs on your roses it's time to be spraying them for budworm or bollworm. Roses should also be fertilised with 30 grams (tablespoon) of 3-2-1 per bush.

When soil starts to dry out your roses should be watered .

How to make the basic spray cocktail

Add the following ingredients to a spray tank.

Rosecare or Bayleton A.

Alternate the above ingredients each time you mix a batch of spray. The above ingredients control black spot, mildew, rust and aphids

Trelmix or Kelpak

These ingredients control deficiencies of trace elements

Nutrisol or Supranure.

These ingredients feed the foliage.

Add a desert spoon of Vinegar to ensure that water is acid. Add a dash of washing up liquid which acts as a spreader. Before mixing read the labels on the various containers for the correct amounts to be used.

Control of Bollworm/Budworm/Beetles

Spray the tips of the shoots and flower buds using Karba spray or Ripcord. DO NOT spray this at the same time as you do the basic spray.

Redspider Mite Control

When infection is noticed spray roses with either redspidercide or redspidersprey. As the spiders are pretty hardy the spray might not work. If it does not work then try spraying the undersides of the leaves with a concentrated sugar solution which makes the leaves sticky and an unattractive environment for the redpider mite.

A third remedy is spraying the undersides of the leaves with a strong jet of water every 2 3 days which washes the mites off and breaks up their breeding cycle.

The key to succesful rose planting is the joy you get out of the results of your efforts.

Fertilisers explained

2.3.2 General Fertiliser for lawns. shrubs,vegetables and flowers
2.3.4 Use for vegetables, shrubs, lawns and trees
3.1.5 Use for roses,flowerbeds and trees
3.2.1 Use for lawns and home gardens
4.1.1 Fertiliser and karbospray use for lawns and caterpillars
L.A.N Use for lawns, fruit trees vegetables and flowers

Happy gardening!

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