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Open Garden in Burg Street - Wellington - Cape

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Khoi Pond

The Khoi pond to the left as you enter the garden

Over the weekend of the 23rd to 24th October 2010 the small town of Wellington had two of their gardening club members open their private gardens to the public. We decided to visit both the gardens to see what was on display

The first garden was found in the back of a house situated in the oak tree lined Burg Street. It was pretty difficult to find as it was hidden away in a small side street deep in the residential area of Wellington. It took us two phone calls and then being fetched from where we had lost ourselves to find the house.

On arrival the house looks like any other in the neighbourhood but the impression soon changes when you make your way down into the back garden of Peter and Lizette Siderfen.

Burg Street House

The house in Burg Street


The garden is a veritable paradise for children with a whole array of small birds and animals to welcome you.

 Guinea Fowl tortoise   peacock  peacock  ducks

From left to right above: Guinea Fowl, Tortoise, Peacock, and the the same peacock spreading its tail.The ducks had a brood of 7 yellow ducklings all hiding under the mother on the right.

Wishing well

The wishing well in the garden


Well who is to old to believe in fairies? In this garden there is a table laid for them and if you look carefully on the tree in the second row of photographs you can see the fairies waiting for the tea to arrive.
Kids are welcome to join in the fun.

Fairies  Fairies  Fairies   Fairies


Ever felt that you have been led down the garden path? In this garden there are lots of little pathways to explore which makes the garden extremely interesting. Most of the pathways eventually lead to the main picture at the top of this page.

Garden pathways

One of the pathways leads to this pet graveyard in the bottom of the garden. It is lovely to know that these pets were so well loved that there owners took the trouble to make special graves for each one of them. There are even photos of each animal and its age and details on the graves.

Garden pathways

Unfortunately Peter and Lizette Siderfen only open their garden once a year so if you would like to visit this garden make a note in your diary to find out when they will be doing it again.

Here is their contact number 021-8732985.

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